What Is SEO Anyway?

And Is SEO That Important? So what is SEO? SEO simply means Search Engine Optimisation, a technique that attempts to improve search engine rankings for your website. Presumably if you've gone to the effort of commissioning or building your own website, you'd prefer internet users to easily be able to find you and view your content. Otherwise what's the point? In a previous post, we

Does Your Website Design Really Matter?

We tend to conform to the attractiveness stereotype where we associate aesthetically pleasing things with other desirable virtues. Companies invest a lot of money and time designing their products to look appealing. First impressions count and in a lot of cases a great looking product is enough to make you want it before you've even researched all its features. Let me put this another way. You go to

The Pocket Internet: Why Your Website Needs To Be Mobile Friendly

Ever walked down the street and wondered why you always seem to be bumping into people who, with their heads down, seem to be oblivious to their surroundings? Maybe you’ve entered a busy coffee shop recently. But you think you've interrupted a church meeting, heads are bowed towards a small screen as if in prayer with hardly a word being spoken. Kids eh, who can understand

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